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Get a Free Prepaid Credit Card to Help Build Your Credit

Credit cards are becoming a bit of a necessity in our society. It is the easiest way to make a purchase, especially if you don't like to carry around a lot of cash. When you shop online sometimes this is the only way to make a purchase. However, people with bad credit may have trouble qualifying for a credit card. There is an option for these people though.

They can get a free prepaid credit card. These are essentially debit cards in that you pay in money in order to be able to spend money with the credit card.

When choosing one of these cards, it would be wise to look into some prepaid credit card reviews to find the best prepaid credit cards.

Different cards have different conditions. Some of the free prepaid credit card offers are only free if you have direct deposit of a check each month, or require you to send in a mail in rebate to refund the activation fee. If you wish to use your card to build your credit, make sure that is a feature of the card. Some reviews state that the card can be used to build your credit and others do not, so be sure to choose one that clearly states this.

Free prepaid credit cards are great for those who don't have a checking account as well since many include free bill paying and since you direct deposit your check you don't have to pay a fee to get your check cashed. In this way you can save yourself some money.

Some even offer the option of getting an advance, though there are extra fees involved if you take the company up on this offer. It might be good in an emergency though to have this possibility as long as it doesn't become a habit to use it.

For more convenience, you can get a free prepaid credit card that is sold in retail stores. Many of these can also be reloaded at these same stores so you can add money easily in between paychecks.

And unlike regular credit cards, these cards usually have guaranteed approval, so you know that you can get one regardless of your credit history. Once you have used one of these cards for a while you may even be able to get a regular credit card to replace it.

By Louis Z