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Best Hotel Credit Cards

Many people who travel like to use a card in order to make reservations for their hotel reservations. The hotels now have cards that their customers can use which helps them to get free nights and other special rewards. There are specialty companies that combine several different hotels so that the customer can use the credit card to enable them to make reservations and obtain free overnight stays.

Some of the preferred credit cards come from American Express who offers points that can be turned into free night stays. Starwood Preferred is one of the many credit cards that give the user the opportunity to stay at luxury hotels. The Starwood Preferred also lets you gain points that you can use on frequent flyer miles. Best Western offers MasterCard Platinum which gives three points for every $3 spent at Best Western locations. This is one of the most desired after credit cards because the motel offers great rates and fantastic service.

Visa is a credit company that offers rewards for those who use La Quinta and Marriott Hotels. They also let you redeem your points for frequent flyer miles and gift cards. The Apr rate can be rather high after you have used the card for six months. The credit card company offers the rewards program for the hotels with a free APR rate for the first six months time period.

There are other Priority Club Rewards offered by all three credit card companies and the most important thing for the consumer to consider is the amount of interest that they will be responsible to pay after the initial six months. Many companies attach a yearly membership fee as well to their hotel credit card rewards card. Customers should make sure that they read the agreement and understand the commitment before they get their credit card.

By Tom Tessin