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Best Rated Credit Card With NO Fees?

Would it not be great to have credit cards that would only bill you for actual expenditure on your account with no interest rates or other fees applied on it? Of course it would! Credit cards like that would easily be best rated credit cards if indeed they existed.

Many people actually think that these credit cards do exist in the market and that they are what are referred to as free credit cards, also called 0% or zero rated credit cards. Well, sorry to say but - only in your dreams!

These so-called free credit cards are not really free. They do offer consumers zero interest on all purchases. However, this zero interest rate is applied for a given period of time only, i.e. typically three, six or twelve months. After the number of months prescribed, interest rates will start to apply.

What is worse about free credit cards is that they apply an interest rate that is quite often higher than standard once they start applying it after the zero interest period has elapsed.

If free credit cards then are not so remarkable, what features make up the top rated credit card? Actually, free credit cards can be much more impressive if they come with other useful features. There are currently a lot of features and offerings incorporated in the vast majority of credit cards. However, there are also so many credit cards in the market that it is very easy to get overwhelmed and confused by them all.

It is even harder to pinpoint which are the bestrated credit cards with all the great advertising methods employed by credit card companies. Fortunately, there is a convenient way to determine the best rated cards with the use of the internet. The internet provides access to a huge number of credit card websites that compare the cards in the market to make it easier for the consumer to make a choice.

There are even websites that do the job for the would-be credit card applicant by choosing the best of the best among credit cards and presenting it to the public. They name these best rated credit card and alongside it their features. It is now up to the individual to scrutinize closely the different features presented and if they indeed answer the consumer's needs and requirements or if the card is suitable to his or her lifestyle.

However, the final decision as to the top rated credit card is down to the personal needs of the individual and not to the website owner, nor the credit card provider.

You will no longer find credit cards that only offer one feature. Several features are now seen in just one credit card. However, what makes a credit card best rated is that all the features combined in it are all useful to the user and it has the lowest of rates. Websites containing credit card comparisons may be consulted and from there a shortlist made of the best cards for you. Once this is done, you may now start applying for the card you want.

By Joseph Archibald