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Benefits of Accepting the Discover Card

The Discover Card was introduced way back in 1985 by Sears Roebuck along with the other major credit cards American Express, MasterCard and Visa. It has been going strong since then and earned a ranking place with a high rating. In 2007 the card became independent from all other associate companies and became a driving force on its own steam.

The most noteworthy feature of the card at the time it was initially offered was its higher limits with regard to credit. This was combined with the fact that they did not charge an annual fee and pioneered cash back bonuses. In contrast to the other major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard the Discover Card was not issued by a financial institution and was implemented through the Discover Bank. While all the other major credit cards concentrated on an international arena the company focused on the Americas from Canada downwards to all of South America and the Caribbean.

The strong presence of the Discover Card has been rewarded with a large number of card members and is growing daily. It is growing at an amazing rate as each day adds thousands of new locations where the card is accepted to its network. In early 2009 the number of cardholders stood around 50 million and growing. The card also serves 4, 400 institutions across the board as well as 260,000 ATMs and POS terminals that has increased the transaction of the card to be counted in billions.

As a merchant it is highly beneficial to accept the Discover Card and it can be done with ease. The clientele that is growing daily is a good sign for any merchant to go by apart from the statistics accrued over the years. The approach to accepting the Discover Card has to be based upon the scope and size of your business and credit card transactions.

One way to set up the card is to initiate a merchant account of your own with an acquirer. This can be a either a bank or some other suitable financial institution. The bank of your choice may be the same bank that you deal with on a daily basis for your business needs or it can be a different one chosen from the list of Discover Card's network. This list can be obtained at the following website: One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the merchant account transactions are between you and the acquirer and is not directly with the Discover Card.

An alternative way to accept the Discover Card is by affiliation with another merchant account such as PayPal. It has to be a well established merchant account as the one offered by PayPal. This is ideal for small business owners have no wish to set up their own merchant account. PayPal has two different programs for setting up merchant accounts.

One allows the clients to be briefly transferred to the PayPal site and then back again to your site and does not charge a fee. The other option is to process credit transactions directly on site and has a nominal fee for the service. You can choose the best option for you and accept the Discover Card along with all the other credit cards

By Andre Hansen